Final Chapter

Dear Readers, Unfortunately this will most likely be the last post for the Joburger blog. We have arrived at the end of our 4 week stay here in South Africa and will be heading back today to California. It’s extremely hard to put into words how valuable this experience was for all of us. There […]

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Chapter #3

The Joburgers have just finished our two day workshop. It was AMAZING. Despite only the 11 kids that came. We hope to have impacted their community to be even more connected than they previously were. We wish we could have extended this workshop as the teens we met were fantastic people. We will definitely miss […]

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Chapter #2

In the past few days the Joburgers have been doing some major service work for the local preschool Ring a-Rosy. We were assigned the tasks of remodeling the fence and painting the school wall. While the fence is still yet to be completed, good progress is still being made. The rain the past few days […]

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Chapter #1

    2/22/2016 Arrived!!! During the past 3 days (it felt like a week) we’ve gotten to know Lucien our guide and he introduced us to our new home in Johannesburg. We met up with a lot of his friends here at his home stay. The people here are amazing! They are very open and […]

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Prologue #3

It is now 2 days before we leave for our flight to South Africa, Johannesburg. We have just bought some items for our projects we want to do there ! Its coming closer so fast ! We are becoming more nervous day by day and at the same time it still feels so surreal ! […]

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Prologue #2

Just an update on what we’re doing right now. Currently our whole team is on a fundraising road trip across the U.S.A. trying to raise money for our program and for our upcoming trip to Africa. Our anticipation grows as the days go by and our departure date draws ever closer. We still need donations […]

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01/11/2016 Meet the team!  From the left Celina, Young-Do, Micah, and Kaori. Dear World ! The Jobugers are getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime! We will be leaving for Johannesburg, South Africa on February 18! Currently we are doing some prep work for our month long trip. The one year long leadership program, […]

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